Saturday, December 22, 2012

My 76 Year Old Friend Running Around The World

Bob Rebello’s Worldwide Marathons For Kidney Cancer Newsletter –December 2012 

In memory of John Rebello
If you knew John you would have liked him
“He was a good son, a good brother, a good husband, a good father – and a good friend”

American Cancer Society’s kidney cancer statistics for the year 2012

About 64,770 new cases of kidney cancer [40,250 men and 24,520 women] will occur in the U.S.   

Worldwide over 100,000 will die of kidney cancer and over 200,000 will be living with kidney cancer

The window of opportunity for me to meet my 1999 commitment to raise $100k for kidney cancer research by 12/31/012 is rapidly closing.  With only 14 days remaining I must raise $9,274.00 for me to meet the $100k commitment that I made to the team of doctors at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center who have dedicated themselves to finding a cure for kidney cancer.
As I was, when I started my charity in 1999, I am very confident that I will meet my commitment to raise $100k by 12/31/012. I am confident because of the fact that in just the last 2 years my charity has brought worldwide awareness about kidney cancer to over 9,500 people from over 100 countries and all of the 50 U.S. States. Over the last 2 years my website has had 7,000 visits from over 100 countries and all 50 US States; I have 2,400 followers on Twitter, and 190 followers on Facebook. I believe that within the 9,500 worldwide followers there are 188 generous and caring people who will donate $50.00 each over the next 14 days to get me to the $100k by 12/31/012. If you have already donated – thank youIf you have not donated yet I would appreciate it if you would consider joining the 1,149 people who have donated to this worthy cause over the last 14 years.

To Donate By Check:
Make the check payable to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and mail to:
Bob Rebello
1399 9th Avenue #918
San Diego, CA 92101
To Donate By Credit Card:
If you’d like to make a donation by credit card go to my website www.bobrebello and click on Donate
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s Tax ID # is 042-103-881.

You can follow the donation status by going to my website [], Twitter [] and Facebook [].

The only other 1999 commitment that I have not met– but I will meet – is to run more training and race miles then the circumference of the earth [24,901.5] by 12/31/012. As of this date I have run 24,718 miles and I only need to run 183.5 miles over the next 14 days [13 miles/day] to meet my commitment. It is going to be very difficult for me to meet the commitment as my right knee that I injured in my May 2012 Copenhagen marathon has not healed yet. You can follow my daily miles run and how many miles remaining before I reach the 24,901.5 miles run on Facebook [] and Twitter [].

December 2, 2012 “Surprise Marathon” - St. Croix Virgin Islands Marathon  

On December 2nd I finished my December “surprise’ marathon, my 19th and final marathon for my charity, which was held on the beautiful Island of St. Croix, Virgin Islands. It was a very difficult marathon for me to finish due to my knee that I injured in the Copenhagen marathon in May. While I was in St. Croix I had the pleasure of staying with my good friends Larry and Louise Williams. I plan on finishing my St. Croix marathon story by the end of next week and when it is finished I will put it on my Blog and my website.

Listed below are my corporate sponsors who have generously donated their “Best in Class” products and services to help me meet my commitments. I greatly appreciate their continued support over the years – thanks to each of you - I could not meet my commitments without your support.

Corporate Sponsors: Asics, Riggs Creative Group, Road Runner Sports, National Franchise Services, Wigwam Mills, Medicept,
                                     Napolitano Real Estate, BluRose Media, Phase [n], Sole Luna CafĂ©, Enjoy,

Bob Rebello