Friday, February 28, 2014

Old Time Hockey -A Lifetime of Hockey In Pictures

I've been busy lately and unable to write.  I thought I would post these pictures just for the heck of it, in no particular order.

Mikey Spunt taking a spill-Gulls Bantams

Max & Cassidy Apri(UNE '16)

Jr. A Gulls-Ludwig Carlson, Our Billett

Polar Vortex on Phipps 2014

MLB'r Xavier Nady(our old neighbor in Scripps Ranch)

With David Corbin Kings v Sharks 2013 playoffs

Pepe's #1 Pizza in the US!

At home with mom and dad 

Friends and Umass Lowell teammates of Chad Ruhwedal

With Brian Laing at Geneseo 

AAA Jr. Monarchs-full penalty box


Gulls Bantams with Wayne Gretzky

Hockey Dads calling it in.

Randy Carlyle

With my old Uconn team mates-Gene Cufone and Paul McCormick

On Loan from Bensen's
My kid-all smiles.

Used skate wall at Whitey Bensen's

Lake Phipps

Scripps Roller Alum game 2013

Winter break 2013

With mom

Black Ice

With Connor Crouse(my HS Coach's Grandson)

HS team mate Dave Hansen with his son

Beautiful ice on the lake-Polar Vortex

Uconn-Streaking at Bowdoin College circa 1974

San Diego Gulls-Squirt
With Tim Bothwell. NHL pro, Brown U grad, past UVM and
Canadian Olympic Women's coach
Happy Camper with 1st hockey
stick.  Souvenir from Koho Hockey
School.  It didn't last long.
Max playing with NHL'ers in SoCal

Bret gaining valuable Chuck a puck experience
With NBC host Willie Geist
1974-75  Uconn Team Pic
Old Uconn Media Guide

Northern Cyclones Junior Hockey

Obligatory In & Out Burger stop

Langley Event Center, BCHL

Mustangs San Diego Beer League

AJ Grabowski-Billet from Rochester, NY
BCHL Langley Chiefs Main Camp

Jack Parker viewing the prep camp
Dance of the Sugar Plum Goalies-BCHL camp

Kyle, Me, Deb Richards, Mark Messier and Frank Longobardi
at Freitas Arena-Uconn Hockey
Jr. Gulls Midgets visiting NAHL locker room in Dallas

West Haven-John Glynne and me

Tony Amendola, Gunner Garrett, White Bensen and more

Elmira College 2013-14
Elmira 2013-14

Vs Oswego State

Thanksgiving at Skidmore 2013

Elmira in the community

1970 Bantam Team at Edward L. Bennett Rink, West Haven

Yeah, I wore Langes for a while
SD Gulls Bantams

AJHL Northern Cyclones

Last game as a junior

Gulls Midget-assistant coach

CAHA Midget 16u playoffs

Most recent surgery-2010

Junior Hockey

Stanley Cup at NHL Awards in Las Vegas

Stanley Cup Dude

BCHL Tryout

First time without a mask

Uconn vs. AIC

USJDP in Colorado-summer camp

Titlon Campus

BU vs Umass 

Uconn Locker room

Uconn Alum-Steve Swanson & Scott Inman

Uconn Alumni Game

Uconn Alumni Game

Bruce Marshall-Uconn Coach

Bruce Miller with Dale Obinger(RIP)

Waiting for Flight in Philly

Ski Trip at Hockey Tourney in Salt Lake City


Tilton Graduation with Coach Norton

The Hentz island house on Lake Winnepesaukee

West Haven-Lake Phipps

Scripps Ranch HS Roller Goalie

Visiting Hall of Fame during Toronto Marlies Tourney

Gulls Bantams with Coach Bruce Miller

Friends saying good bye.  Max heading off to prep school

Infamous puck found at lake Phipps

The Hentzes

Puck to the face-end of my senior league career 2006

OT Win vs. Chris Kreider and Phllips Andover


Sending the boy off to school after Christmas break

NH Northern Cyclones at Natty's in Rochester MN

Scripps Roller hockey

Plattsburgh State 2012-13

Top Shelf vs. Jr. Ducks in Anaheim

The Pageaus-Quebec peewee billet family

The Aprils

Max behind Luke Duprey-same age PrePrep Showcase

Our first look at a preppy @ PrePrep Showcase

With one of our Billets at a Padres game

Bantam-pregame meeting in hotel lobby

Hockey Dads-Fiocco and Heidrich

Some random kid helping Bruce Miller with Strategy

Kyle and Jeff Spunt

PreDraft or Chowder Cup

Driveway goal

Sidney Crosby at Tilton

With Doug Hentz-NH
I think we won?

Jack Parker watching

Boston University prep camp

Mite jersey

Max's first ever jersey from Mark Hughes

Tilton-Practice is over early

Tilton graduation

Tilton's new jersey

Sophomore season at Uconn

Rockin the porn stache!

Junior year at Uconn

Senior year at Uconn

West Haven High School..1969 or so with Tony Amendola

Northern Cyclones at Tier 3 Jr. Nationals

Northern Cyclones at Tier 3 Jr. Nationals

Northern Cyclones at Tier 3 Jr. Nationals
Northern Cyclones at Tier 3 Jr. Nationals

First Elmira Scrimmage

My D1 Athlete!

Off Campus at Uconn Senior year

Plattsburgh State 2012-13

Mom and Son
Bro and Sis

Platty Goal vs. Middlebury 2013

Chad Ruhwedel's NHL Debut 2013

Transfer ho!

Chad Ruhwedel, Jon Parker, Max-Miracle Peewee team
Jaguars CAHA State Champs

Chad Ruhwedel, Max and Scripps Ranch roller hockey team

Dave Corbin, Chad Ruhwedel and me

A natural born hockey player....and his dad!

West Haven H.S. Senior Class pic 1973

First Bantam team 1970

Shopping in Boston

Koho Camp in Finland with Depew and Longo

Uconn vs. New England College-mid 70s

Skate with an Eagle-preseason 2013-14

West Haven's G-A-P Line

Fun hockey sock hat at Bill Gray's in Rochester, NY


Cyclones Game Schedule

Sophomore year at Uconn 1974/75

In the Corner-Uconn's outdoor rink

Lang Gang at Uconn

1973 West Haven High School Hockey Team
Henri Langevin, Me, Paul "Corny" McCormick

West Haven H.S. Sporting the Lange Skates
and some serious flow

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