Friday, July 26, 2013

Another Sad Day

Another sad day. 

Well, we knew this was coming, but our friend and fellow hockey dad, Steve Parker passed away yesterday.   

Steve is Jon Parker's dad.  Jon and Max played together on the Jaguars Peewee "miracle" team.  They also played one bantam season together before Jon headed off to play in LA and then on to major juniors in the Western Hockey League.  He's now in his 3rd season with the Rochester Amerks of the AHL.  

Steve was one of a kind.  He held nothing back, had an opinion about everything and sugar coated nothing.  His proudest achievement is his kids. Steve loved to play roller hockey and golf. 

Charlene and Jon, especially Charlene, have put their lives on hold to take care of their dad through his illness.   The hockey community is amazing in times of need. This is such a time for these two.  If you can, I ask you to please go to this link, 
 read the story and chip in what you can.  It will make a huge difference. 

With the exception of his children and medical staff, Steve elected to go through his illness alone.  I, and many of his friends, wish we could have been there for him during this difficult time.  Let's be there for him and his kids now. 

I'm sure many of Steve's friends have stories to tell.  Please share any of your Steve Parker stories in the comments section.  

The memorial service hasn't been finalized yet, but it will be held on August 24th or 25th. 

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