Friday, October 17, 2014

Lost In Space

Well, I started this blog couple of years ago at a time when I thought my son's hockey career might be nearing an end.

Fortunately, it did not.  At least not at that time. But it got me thinking which spurred me to write and I've had  great time documenting the arc of this tale.

Without going into details, things came to a crashing halt last spring after the end of the season.  Family crisis, personal issues.  Nothing I felt comfortable publically writing about.  And I still don't.

There were difficult days, lessons learned and a reassessment of what is important in life. As of this time it appears as though things have resolved themselves and everyone is on a very positive path.  Just without hockey.  Hopefully, there will be more hockey to come.  I suspect there will be.

One of the most shocking revelations for me was to realize the extent to which I was writing to tell this story, from my perspective...which by the way I stated was my intention in my very first chapter.  But what I failed to recognize was how much I was unaware of what was going on with my kid all this while.  It was startling to discover the extent to which I had missed the big picture.

So, yeah, my stories were fun to write and hopefully fun for you to read, but it wasn't the whole story.  I suppose it never is.  I liked my story. What was really happening though was invisible to me and when things came to light/hit the was damn sobering.

I've missed writing.  I love sharing my life and my story.  I haven't quite figured out how to do so given these recent circumstances.

Streaking at Bowdoin or Colby circa 1974-5 with Gene Cufone
So, a big part of my life is missing.  Hockey has been such an important part of who I am since I was 12 years old.  For the first time in many years, there are no tryouts.  There is no worrying about coaches, and competition, ice-time and injuries.  I will not be travelling to watch my son play.  I am not doing anything with The San Diego Gulls junior program as far as video or play by play goes.

I did throw my hat in the ring to coach the San Diego State University ACHA club team but was beat out by a BC alum who played some AHL and actually attended Tilton Prep school where my son went.  I was not sad when I didn't get the job.  5:30am practices, games every weekend and travel.  It would have been fun but a lot of work. I've had the chance to jump in as an assistant but my heart isn't in it.

The only hockey in my life these days is watching my L.A. Kings start another season.

Check out Roo surfing
You may or may not know, that I have undergone 6 spinal surgeries in my life...the last being in early 2010 and I ended up going on disability.  This gave me a lot of time to spend doing things like traveling to watch my kid skate, writing, hanging out at coffee shops and walking my dog.
Here is our doggie in a surfing contest this summer.

Earlier this year I returned to the world of work, finance, financial planning. Having taken the time off gave me valuable insight and perspective and I am a far better planner than I ever was.

Back at it.... #CFP
Max's first time on ice...1991ish
I am busy. I have focus and a purpose.   My wife of 27 years and I have fallen in love all over again.  We realized that we had not taken a vacation without it being hockey or soccer/softball or family related in years and years..  We are taking a trip to Belize right after the New Year.  It was going to be a romantic getaway, a second honeymoon.  Some how it's evolved and now both of my kids and some other friends are coming as well. We have two houses on the beach in Placencia, Belize that sleep about 10.  We have room for another few guests if you are interested! :-) We will sun, snorkel, drink and have a blast.

So...things are much different.  I hope to find my footing and get back on track with something worth writing about.  I really miss it.

Feel free to be in touch though the comment section or by emailing me at  if you like.  I'd love to hear from any of you.

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