Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Bit Out of the Ordinary

So, I posted this on facebook earlier and we've gotten a great response.  Some of my friends were asking if I could post it so they could share this with some of their friends to help out with this please excuse the break in my normal blogging while I share this with my friends and friends of my friends:

To the San Diego hockey community and anyone else who might be interested.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.  We have a friend, a kid who that our son grew up playing hockey with on the San Diego Junior Gulls.  His name is Brandon Nevarez.  Brandon and his family have no idea I am making this request.

Brandon's dad, Robert, had a massive stroke a couple of years ago.  Robert fell into a coma and was days away from having the plug pulled.  He made a miraculous recovery and is up and about.  But the family is strapped.  Brandon plays hockey for San Diego State University.  This is his junior year.  SDSU is a club team playing ACHA DII hockey.  Brandon is unable to play this year due to family finances.  I wanted to do my part and see if I could help raise the $2200 needed to allow him to play this season.

I've asked if anyone might know of a fundraising website I might use to help collect the funds.  But in the meantime, people are sending checks to my address at: 3625 India St #301, San Diego, CA 92103 and making them out to SDSU Hockey and writing Brandon Nevarez in the memo field.  Some people are comfortable sending the money directly to my paypal account.  If you wish to use paypal, send me your email address and let me know how much you'd like to contribute and I will have an invoice emailed to you so you can handle it that way.  Pretty simple.

Thanks a ton.  I would love to help Brandon out.  At this point he and his family are unaware I'm making this request, but they will know soon.  Hard to keep this quiet.

I put this on facebook earlier this evening and we are already at over $800.  If I end up with more than we need, I will give the funds directly to the Nevarez family to help out with their finances.

Thanks for your generosity.

Steve Balaban

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