Saturday, September 15, 2012

Don't Talk To Strangers

It's 102 degrees in San Diego today. Nice relief from yesterday's 106. There were three little kids, brothers I'm sure, waiting for their parents who were in line at the coffee bar.   All three had in the same San Diego Padres caps and Oceanside t-shirts.  I said something to them but none responded.   Ah, their parents taught them well, don't talk to strangers.  How's that gonna work out for them?  Assuming they are never kidnapped and survive childhood, how are they going to succeed in life where most people you meet are strangers?  Oh well, their problem. 

It seems I inspired a friend if mine who has back pain to do something about it.    I stopped by my friend, Susan's house the other day. She read my blog and followed me on my journey to Mexico.  She was very excited to share with me a new back treatment she discovered.  It's called "the M.E.L.T method".   Here is a link:

I'm not sure what MELT stands for, but it involves rolling on a foam roll to achieve spinal decompression and strengthen your core   There's a good YouTube video on the website. I've tried it and it seems to provide some relief. I found a place called Blossom Pilates in Hillcrest that has classes in it. Also, there is an instructor at the Scripps Ranch swim club who gives classes.   

I stopped by Blossom Pilates yesterday and scheduled a MELT session for Monday.  Hopefully Debbie, the instructor, stays out of harms way until then.  I'll let you know how it turns out.  

Off topic but, I'm not a big fan of Tupperware.  Sure it does its job just fine.  It's when it's off the clock that it bugs me.  I don't know about your house, but we've never had a good way to store our Tupperware.  It's always a pain to try to match up the tub with the right sized lid.  I hate fishing it out of the pantry closet.  I hate pulling it out of the dishwasher and putting it away.   I try to let others deal with it when possible.  Sorry Kyle. 

Finally, I spend a lot of time following the political discourse in this country.   I don't want to make this blog political, so I'll refrain(for as long as I can) from pissing some of you off with my views.  They are well known among my Facebook friends.  At any rate, I get so frustrated, angry and bemused at "the other side" that I occasionally attempt to elevate the discussion beyond partisan, identity based opinions to the larger picture.  It doesn't usually work.   This morning I determined to try to see my opponents as their highest and best truth/self.   Sadly, for a few that appears to be hateful whackos.  

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