Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Walking the Dog

Whenever I walk my golden retriever, Roo,  at the park, beach, woods or canyons, when she gets far away and doesn't see me she seems very concerned until she looks up and doesn't see me.  Then she spots me and all is well. I'm not sure if she's nervous about losing me or concerned for me that I've lost sight of her.  It's kind of endearing either way. 

When she pees I give her an enthusiastic "good girl!"  She's nearly six.  I think she thinks I'm an idiot.  

I take Roo to a nursing home on Monday afternoons to visit patients.  We had her tested a year to become a therapy dog. She's very calm and people just love to love on her. Every time We visit, when we step out of the elevator onto the second floor the same lady is always there, in her wheelchair, in her house robe in the doorway to her room.  Every time I see her she pets Roo and tells me the same thing; "They know! They know who likes them".  I always smile and agree with her. "They sure do". 

It's such a sad place. The nursing home. It's amazing what a few minutes with a silly dog can do for a person.  

Brandon!   Well we did it. It only took a week.  I put the word out on Saturday night that Brandon was not going to be able to play hockey at SDSU this season due to his family's finances stemming from his dad's stroke.  See previous two blog posts for the full story. 

The response was inspiring.  From the closest friends to the kindest strangers. Hockey people and not.  Friends of friends, friends of strangers, hockey coaches, players, teams, rinks, parents and fans.  

I went to the Aztecs season opener last Friday night.  They won. Brandon played.  His parents and twin brothers were there.  I met the coach prior to the game and turned over the $1000 plus that I'd collected.  I will be delivering most of the balance at the game this Friday night.  They play a tough Colorado State team this weekend.  Come watch!

It looks like we should come in slightly above our target.  If so, any excess will be given to Brandon's parents to help with their bills. 

To see the look of appreciation on Brandon's face when he spotted me during warmups made me aware of the miraculous immediate offer to step up by all of you.  Pretty cool again.   We made a lot of people happy.

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