Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 2 Part 1

Many questions answered.

I have a much better idea of where I'm going, who I'm seeing and what I will be doing while I'm  here.  This entry while called Day 2 Part 1 will actually cover the end of yesterday.   I finally got to where I am staying and to bed at 3 pm local time, which you may recall is 2 hours ahead of San Diego time.

The shuttle dropped me off in a thriving business district called Santa Fe.  Everything there is brand new or still under construction. International Corporations everywhere. The shuttle ride from the airport in Toluca to the hotel where I was dropped off took about a half hour. It was dark out and I couldn't see well, but what I could see didn't match up with what I thought it would be.  It seemed much "nicer".

First mystery solved.  Marco and Sofia pulled in to the hotel driveway in an SUV. Hugs and kisses and a quick drive through what they described as a poor area, but looked to me like old world Spain. Hilly, very interesting housing, street dogs making there way comfortably up down and across the very narrow streets.

Near the top of the hill we pull up to a large gate, with signs indicating a garage sale written in Spanish. This I was told since, as you know my Spanish is limited to only those menu items that have stuck in my head over the years. The gate opens from the inside and out popped Jose.  Before I could greet him, his adorable, female beagle, Chiara, zipped out and around greeted everyone. She was adorable.

The home was more of a compound. A number of older buildings arranged behind the gate and wall separating the property from the street.  There were horse stables, but no horses.

We went into the house got comfortable and talked for maybe an hour or so.   It was fairly late, around midnight. Jose's girlfriend, Eleana and his younger teenaged son, Andres were asleep.

The four of us started to talk about what this is all about.  Jose was trying to gauge my level of consciousness and spiritual awareness.  I told him of my earlier quest and some of the paths I explored.   I mentioned "A Course in Miracles" and his eyes lit up. I'll let you look it up but suffice it to say its a course.  In miracles.  I've owned the books and spent some time reading them years ago.  Jose has read and gone through the course 3 or 4 times. Impressive.

The next hour was spent with me asking some and answering other questions.  Mostly, Jose shared his experience and examples of people he knows who have been to see the shaman.

For clarification the shaman, who's given name is Enrique, channels the healing powers of Hermanito Cuauhtemoc.  Cuauhtemoc was the last Aztec emperor.

Jose explained the entire process to me which consists of a number of meetings.  Tuesdays, tonight, are for consultations where Hermanito examines and prescribes the treatment. It may or may not be "surgery".  Typically it is but some are "healed" during the consultation and have no further need.

On Wednesdays you go back and are told what you need to do or get in preparation for the procedure that will be performed on Thursday night.  This is also where payment is made.

Ok. I know what you are thinking and it's easy to question the legitimacy of all this. The payment is about $100.  I'm suspending my skepticism for now.  I'm honoring Jose's commitment, passion and enthusiasm for the process.

Jose is 60 years old.  The epitome of health.  He's a college professor teaching Sustainable Development. He's experienced this personally and witnessed his family and friends undergoing miracle after miracle.

Who am I to poo poo the world and word of my host.  The good news is, according to Jose, faith and belief are not a prerequisite for results.  So I'll be a happy willing participant in this crazy experiment. And you my friends will know how it turns out when I do thanks to the miracle of Facebook and blogspot.

After saying goodnight Marco drove Sofia and me to their apartment in the middle of Mexico city. This is where I'll be staying. They have a lovely 3 bedroom apartment on the 4th floor. In Mexico City buildings 5 floors and taller have to have elevators.  This building has 4 floors. I'm gonna get some exercise. I don't mind.   After Thursday, I'll be in bed for 3 days anyway so no stairs.  That's going to be the tough part. Lying in bed for 3 days. Yikes.

Oh yeah, they rearranged the apartment for my stay and moved their bed into the guest room for me.  Their bed is my bed.  These are really good people. I feel badly but they insist.

On the way to the apartment we stopped for Mexican food.  My third Mexican meal of the day.  I had a delicious pollo quesadilla and a tamarindo.  We discussed politics, both U.S. and Mexican.  Marco and Sofia impressed me with there understanding of both.

Before bed I finished the previous entry to this log, blog, journal account and found out my wife, Kyle created a blog for me. I'll be posting both to Facebook for now. If I get feedback i may only post the blog. But both for now.  By the way, Kyle is a girl for anyone who doesn't know.  It's caused confusion in the past. Not that there's anything wrong with that.  

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