Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day One Part 1

My day so far:

Pachito Monday morning. On the shuttle to tj airport. My psychic experience. After being enthusiastically enrolled in the amazing healing powers of Hermanito, I figured why not! I’ve already had six actual surgeries on my back. What harm can a psychic surgery do at this point. So I bought a round trip ticket to Toluca, a town about an hour east of Mexico City. I’m unsure where  I’m going, who I’m staying with or what’s in store. But I’m open. Well, sort of. I’m skeptical actually. How can this possibly work. I spent an important early part of my adulthood immersed in a spiritual quest. Science of mind, a Course in Miracles, rebirthing, yoga, est. I “found myself”. Met my wife. Never looked back. Over a quarter of a century dealing with the “real world”, working, raising 2 kids and living my life I’ve lost my connection to that quest. I’ve also lived in varying degrees of constant pain. It’s worth a shot. Hermanito here I come.

I’m sitting uncomfortably on the bus. About to cross the border. Gotta remember to turn off my roaming. Ok. Done. Just figured where the data roaming button is in the iPhone. I’m still reeling over the $4200 bill I got from AT&T after one week at one of Max’s hockey tournaments in Toronto. 

Bus stopped in San Ysidro. At least I think that’s what the bus driver said. My Spanish is not so good. Nearly nonexistent. I understand enough Spanish vocabulary. It’s just when they start talking real fast I get lost. 

Really, how in the dickens is someone going to heal this back with psychic mumbo jumbo. Yeah. I’m pretty skeptical. 

Uh oh. Some guy in front of the bus. Speaking Spanish. No idea what he’s talking about.  Oh yeah. It’s 7:09 am. I got up at 5:45. My flight isn’t till 10:30. Then I have a 5 hour layover in Guadalaraja. Woohoo. Gonna be a long day. 

7:15. Leaving the U.S. I haven’t been to Tijuana in years. Curious. No one has checked my passport yet.  I wish I’d learned Spanish when I was younger. No idea what is going on. I guess he was asking for a donation. I didn’t give. 

Hola Mexico. I’m in your country now. Hospital. Insurance companies. Taxi cabs. Dentists. Big line of cars entering the U.S. They asked to see my airline ticket, but not my passaporta. 

Thank goodness for the nice lady behind me. My translator.

I haven’t see any drug cartel killings yet. Probably too early in the morning. 

I’ve never been to this part if TJ before. It’s only a half hour away from where I live in San Diego but its worlds apart. I can’t imagine where they could put an aero puerto with all these hills. 

I really have no expectation that this experience will help my back. 

I gave the currency exchange lady $180 in cash. Did she give me the right amount of pesos? 290 pesos for travel visa? I think that was about $37. 

Airport check in. A bit out of my comfort zone but I breezed through. I like the security here. Got to keep my shoes on. 

People seem different but they are really the same everywhere. At least in airports. Same gift stores, lines at Starbucks, news stands, people going their separate ways. Just not as many attractive people as I see at most airports. Just me so far!

8:18 am. Getting hungry. Mexican food perhaps. Airport Mexican food in Tijuana. How bad can it be? Ordering huevos con machaca and fresh oj. 

I’m curious. The shaman’s name is Hermanito Cuauhtemoc. My host’s name is Jose Cuauhtemoc. They are not related. How does that work? I guess Cuauhtemoc is a very common Aztec name.

Machaca, not bad. 

No internet no wifi at the airport. I’m pretty addicted to my iPhone. Facebook, news, check my bank account, pissing off my conservative friends, seeing how badly my UBS stock is doing. Maybe I won’t cure my back pain, but at least I can handle my iPhone addiction. 

Only 2 more hours till my flight. 

Kid working behind the cash register at the restaurant. Totally focused on his phone. I used to be like that. Kids today. I swear.  I’m pretty sure I just paid airport prices for my machaca. I think it came to 70 pesos. I gave the waiter 100. Never saw him again. I love knowing what’s going on. 

Glenn Beck was right. The Apple cords are too short.

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