Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 2 Part 2

Haven't done much yet today.  Slept till 11. Hanging out with Marco and Sofia.  I shared my blog link with them and Jose.  I hope this won't get awkward.  Marco assured me to feel free to not restrain my comments.  So I guess I can tell you. Marco is really ugly!   Just kidding.

There's no tv in the apartment.  But it does shake and roll a bit from time to time.  I was sure we were having small earth quakes, which by the way, are the best kind to have in Mexico City. But when I asked Sofia told me they were just big semi trucks driving by on the street below.

There is a school, I think it may be a kindergarten down the street.  I think it is recess all day long.  The kids seem to be having way too much fun for school.

We are going out in a bit to tour the center of the city.   My back is really aching so we scheduled a deep tissue massage with a friend of Marco's for 5:45 pm then on to My consultation with Enrique Hermanito Cuauhtemoc the shaman.  By the way. Hermanito means little brother.  And the street where I am going for my massage is called Cuauhtemoc, also the name of the shaman, the last Aztec emperor and Jose's middle name.  Small world.

I think it's time to go find some Mexican food. 

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