Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 3 Part 1

6:30 pm. Wednesday.  Heading home.  At the aeropuerto in the aeroplane ready to fly nonstop to Tijuana.

Seems like I've been in Mexico for a week. I can't believe it's only been three days.

Unfortunately the opposite of what I had  been hoping for is happening.  I'm going home with more pain than when I arrived.   Too much tourista stuff.  I get a nasty burn down my back, hip and leg when I walk or stand for any length of time.  We did too much walking and standing.

Darn you Enrique.  Why'd you have to go and die.  You couldn't have waited a week?  Are you even aware of the inconvenience your untimely death has caused me?   Probably not I suppose.  

I kid.  Everything happens for a purpose and in its own time.  This may or may not be true but it's a handy interpretation for times like this.

I enjoyed my time in this city.  Sofia and Marco were the most gracious hosts. I'm going to refer to them as "the kids" for the remainder of this post.   Easier than typing their names over and over.  I'm sure Jose would have been the perfect spirit guide.

The kids really wanted me to stay longer but once my plans changed I felt all of my other commitments calling me.  Paying bills, helping Kyle get off to work, transferring money into my kids bank accounts, walking Roo, finding a good back surgeon?

I did recite the prayer Domingo gave me. Both last night and this morning. In awful Spanish.  Hermanito did not appear in my dreams last night. But if he heard my prayers I'm sure he had a good laugh.

By the way, let me thank all the people in Mexico who speak English and apologize to those who don't. So, I didn't get what I came for.  What did I get?  Jose repeated an old quote I've heard many times. He said "if you want to make God laugh, tell her/him your plans."

I did get the generosity of friends.  I got the support of friends and family. I discovered I can entertain people and make them laugh with my writing.  I got that there may or may not be unbelievable miracles in store whether one is a "true believer" or not.   I got that my quest continues; to be a good person, to be generous to others, to take better care of myself. I'm not searching for an elusive moment of enlightenment or happiness.  I learned a long time ago that "this is it".  But to not shut the door to possibilities beyond my current awareness.

I also got what a big ass megalopolis Mexico City is.  I couldn't really see that from driving around the city with the kids. I was expecting it to be crowded, dangerous and polluted.  I found none of that to be true. However, flying out of the city I saw how enormous it really is. That's a big town.

I'm still not buying the stuff they show on that Ghost Hunter reality show.  I'm sorry but that's pure, let's call it, entertainment.  Sorry kids.

On the ground in Tijuana.  

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