Thursday, August 30, 2012

Home, the Aftermath

Home. The aftermath. 

Funny going into Bread &Cie, a local bakery, this morning.  I was relieved when the cashier spoke to me in English.  

There's this Asian lady who must live or work across the street from our loft.  I think I see her more than any other human being on the planet besides my immediate family.  I've never met her. But I see her all the time. She drives a little green convertible Mazda Miata.  I am pretty sure she's never seen me. 

I was sitting in the parking lot  in my car with Roo, waiting for a space to open up so I could go get a pastry and a coffee. I was at one entrance to the small lot.  From the opposite entrance in pulls my neighbor in her green Miata. Next a car's back lights go on, then the white reverse lights.  Aha. Someone is leaving.  The Miata lady notices, slams her car in reverse and claims the space.  Not very neighborly.  I toot my horn politely, throw her a WTF shoulder shrug.  She notices my agitation and offers to back out, but by then another car was leaving and I politely waved her back into the stolen spot. 

I parked and waited in the car listening to a fascinating debate on NPR where Condi Rice's convention speech was being discussed.  Just then I felt the presence of a being approaching.   Nope, not Hermanito, although I did invite him into my dreams again last night.   It was my stranger neighbor apologizing for taking the spot. She approached from behind so we never made eye contact.  I was going to introduce myself and tell her we are neighbors but she disappeared.  Not magically like a spirit.  I just lost sight of her.  America is strong on defense.  We don't need to attack Iran to prove it. 

Next I took Roo, my golden retriever and constant companion to the outside seating area of the bakery/ cafe, hooked her up to a chair at an empty table and went inside to order.  When I returned a man was sitting at my table with my dog. He took my table.  I guess leaving my 80 lb pup at the table meant nothing.   

Without saying a word, I unhooked her leash and moved to another table. 

I don't usually get pissed at this kind of stuff.  There's always another parking space or table. 

I have fantasies of getting pissed and reading stupid people the riot act.  But I'm not very good on my feet like that.  Give me a few minutes and I always come up with the perfect response for the situation.  Never in real time though. 

Next time I see my neighbor I'm going to introduce myself.  

I've spoken to quite a few people today who followed my adventure in Mexico. Lots of good advice, feedback,  offers of other options, names of good doctors etc. 

My mom spoke to a spiritual healer and he said the lesson for me was to connect with god directly and I didn't need a medium.  Great advice and a conclusion I even came to myself. Problem is I don't think I have quite enough faith for that.  Not yet anyway.  Well see how that goes.  I don't want to offend anyone but I'm not entirely sure of the whole god thing anyway. 

What I was enjoying about my journey to see Hermanito was that it didn't require my faith.  I was free to be skeptical. It would either work or it wouldn't.  

I imagine a large portion of people who followed my experience thought it was pretty dumb. I know I would. But given the serendipitous way that the opportunity unfolded, believing or not, I knew I couldn't pass up the chance.  Too bad serendipity didn't call a week earlier.  

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