Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day One Part 5

On to Toluca. 

On the Tarmac.  Just me, my thoughts and a few hundred Mexican travelers.  Once again no Internet, so I'll either need to strike up a conversation with the mom and her toddler or entertain myself with my thoughts.

I should be in Toluca in about an hour. Then a short shuttle ride to somewhere where I will be met by someone.

Just so you understand, this all started with a conversation this summer with our friends Natalia and Sofia and Sofia's boyfriend Marco.   I think it's going to be Marco who meets me in Toluca.  I'll either be staying with Marco and Sofia or their dad Jose.  I think Jose is behind all of this.  But back to the dinner with these guys this past summer.  Natalia and Sofia are sisters.  They've become very close to us. Our talk around the table ended up being about their experience with Hermanito Aztec dude. They couldn't say enough good about the healing powers of this person who they referred to as a shaman. It all sounded beyond belief and it remains there at this time.

I didn't think much about it, at least not seriously until last week.  We were eating at Burger Lounge in Little Italy, where Natalia works.  The subject came up again and my mother in law's sister got very excited and started pushing for us, her and me, to drive her camper van down this week.  Road trip!!  She abruptly disappeared from the scene but the seed was planted, wheels were set in motion, there was no turning back…so with that being said at the end of the day I'd run out of clichés and found myself looking up airfares.  It's ridiculously cheap to fly from Tijuana to Mexico City, about $100 each way.  They don't tell you about the cost of shuttles and travel visas plus Mexican food at the all day layover in the airport.  But still pretty reasonable.  

Anyway, people were asking how this came about so I thought I would explain it to you. 

Oops. I never turned my phone off and now we are in the air.  They are much more chill about security in Mexico than we are in the states.  I guess Al Qaeda doesn't hate the Mexicans for their freedom the way they hate us for ours.  Did I mention I didn't have to take my shoes off at security. 

I haven't spoken to the mom and her toddler, but it turns out there are three little ones. Ten minutes into the flight they are adorable.  Please Hermanito, keep them that way.  

Other than my excitement, curiosity and anticipation of this experience, I'm next most interested in meeting the girls' father, Jose.  He's a college professor. Not sure what he professes, but I'm interested to meet the man who raised such great daughters. 

Jesus Cristo.  The kids are now screaming but the flight attendant handed me a bag of chips so I'll be ok. Sabritas.  Must be Mexican for Lays.  

Ginger ale? No. Sprite?  No. 7-Up? Nope. But they do have Fiesta.  Tastes like Sprite. Gracias.

Wheels down in Toluca.  I was just thinking I would never do something like this in a million years with out the enthusiastic urging and support of Natalia and Sophia, Marco and their family. They are completely taking care of me for the entire week. Again we shall see how this goes, but I'm just present to their enormous support and generosity   Makes me want to be a better person  Pretty awesome. 

I've only encountered one person all day who spoke no English.  The clerk at the shuttle counter. Didn't stop us. She spoke Spanish. I spoke English.  A little bit of pointing.  I understood the word pesos so I handed her money and she gave me a ticket. Easy enough. 

On the shuttle. I'll soon know who's meeting me and where I'm staying. Long day.  

I've just completed living but not writing part 6, but it's almost 3 am so I'll write it up after I sleep.  I spent time with the kids and Jose. Learned tons and I'm getting excited.  My consciousness has been expanded and I'm looking forward to the next few days.  Lots to share.  By the way. I'm in Mexico City, no longer Toluca.

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