Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 2 Part 3

Well boys and girls.  Not quite sure how to tell you this but the shaman is on the roof. *

It's all fun and games till somebody dies.

I spent my day enjoying Mexico City,  Mexican food and Mexican friends.  We drove to the house where Hermanito through Enrique gives the initial consultation to 20 or 30 faithful followers.  We arrived at about 5 minutes till 8pm.  We were to meet Jose who would stay with me and translate everything.

We stood at a large wooden door at an old stone house.  A couple, an older woman and a younger man joined us at the door awaiting someone to answer our knock.

Word were exchanged in Spanish among the couple and Marco and Sofia.  While my Spanish is lacking, I thought I picked up something about no consultations tonight. Say what!

A large older gentleman opened the door and greeted us.  His name was Domingo.  I'm pretty sure he asked if I was there for a consultation.  Something that has gone on every Tuesday night for the past 25 years.

I was led over with my friends to a small table and was asked to sit down.  It looked like I was about to be asked to fill out some paperwork.

A conversation ensued in Spanish among the 3 of them with Domingo doing most of the talking.  After 2 or 3 minutes Marco looks at me and says, "something very bad has happened".

I thought I heard the word El Salvador spoken during the conversation and I thought Marco was about to tell me Hermanito had gone out of town.  Great!   I come all this way and this is what I get!

Then Marco tells me, "Enrique died on Saturday night".   Say what!!

Well that was deflating news. I felt badly.  Not just for me. But for Jose and Sofia and Marco and Natalia.  I felt bad for Domingo and the volunteers who were gathered.  And I felt bad for you. Because like me we will never know what would have happened.  Was this the real thing or a scam? Could I have actually healed or even improved my shitty back condition. Could this have helped you or someone you care about.

I can't say we'll never know. The door is open. But we won't know by the end of my week here.

I have so many mixed feelings about the whole thing.  I was hoping to continue writing about my adventure through the entire process.

After a while Jose and his girlfriend, Aleana arrived. They were met and informed of the news by Domingo.  They were also shocked.

After it sunk in, the 5 of us walked several blocks to a cantina where we talked, drank some beer, tried putting it all in context and moved on.  We joked, laughed, I texted my family to fill them in.  It was an impromptu Mexican wake.

They all felt so badly for me. I felt badly for them.  They lost their spiritual leader and friend.  While it may appear a wasted trip for me I've had and am having the time of my life.

Jose had asked Domingo what can be done for me.  I was given a card and a sheet of paper with two prayers. One for the morning and one for the evening. I am to read them in Spanish each day.  While Enrique's body has passed on, Hermanito is still with us.  So maybe he visits me in my dreams.

I was told that when Pachita, Enrique's mother died it took two years for Hermanito to start using Enrique as a medium.  Maybe Hermanito Cuauhtemoc, the last Aztec emperor will reappear in a town near you.

So I suppose this part of the journey is over.   I'm having to much fun writing about it so I will search for excuses to keep the blog going.   I'm planning on changing my flight to return either tomorrow or Thursday.

I'll be back soon.  Hopefully Hermanito will be as well.

 *this refers to the old joke where the sister leaves her cat with her brother while she goes out of town.  She calls to see how the cat is doing but the brother abruptly blurts out the cat died.  After getting over the initial shock the sister tells the brother he could have broken the news more delicately.  For example you could have said the cat is fine but he's on the roof and I can't get him down. Next time I call you say something like the cat fell off the roof and he's stuck in the tree.  Keep it going like that and after a few more calls I would be better prepared for the sad news.  Then the sister says, so…how's dad doing.  Brother answers, uh…dad's on the roof. 

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  1. We are still frustrated...but help will arrive soon enough!